Sustainability Report

Sustainability at Jex Engineering means meeting the needs of our Clients while conducting business in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner to the benefit of future generations. Our practices create fundamental value for Jex Engineering and all of our stakeholders, Clients and their customers, employees, investors, suppliers, contractors and the communities in which we operate.

Clients rely on Jex Engineering to help address sustainability challenges and issues, including the need to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and design and build more environmentally friendly, less costly manufacturing facilities. Our Clients expect ethical conduct; high levels of employee knowledge and expertise; excellence in health, safety and environmental matters; a proactive approach to community involvement; and an aggressive supply chain and procurement methodology. Jex Engineering’s 2015 Sustainability Report “Jex Engineering Builds. A Sustainable World.” highlights our approach of taking projects from concept through construction to completion.

Jex Engineering’s 2016 report is “Working Sustainably“. Jex Engineering is committed to providing Clients with opportunities to complete their projects efficiently, effectively, safely and sustainably. The company and its stakeholders work together to create sustainable solutions.
Jex Engineering believes that investing strategically in communities where employees live and work can positively influence its long-term business performance.
Employees & Workplace
The company’s highly skilled, diverse workforce helps create a workplace environment that builds strong internal and external relationships in order to serve Clients across many industries and geographies.
Ethics & Compliance
We have an absolute determination to do the right thing. In all of our dealings, we are committed to unyielding integrity and conducting our work with the highest ethical standards.
Jex Engineering believes that good corporate governance principles promote fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility.
Health, Safety & Environment
Operating in a safe and environmentally sound manner is fundamental to Jex Engineering’s long-term success. Successful execution of complex projects requires a healthy and safe workforce of employees, subcontractors, suppliers and Client personnel.
Supply Chain & Procurement
A sustainable supply chain reflects Jex Engineering’s Core Values of safety, integrity, teamwork and excellence to the company’s global markets and Clients, increases opportunities available to diverse subcontractors and suppliers and confirms the company’s commitment to fair business practices.